Monday, August 3, 2015

"Not Much has changed but We Live Underwater"

Jonas brothers anyone? Please tell me you know that song. Haha because I feel like thats how my life has been this past week, the rain is crazy here! We've already gotten 3 flood warnings just this morning! But despite getting soaked a few times, we were on fire this week! But before I get on with the weekly update I can't believe I forgot to tell you the single most important thing that happened to me last first sunday in Tampa 5 when we were greeting all the members coming in, I MET MY VERY FIRST PERSON FROM URUGUAY. She is an older lady in the ward and when she told me where she was from I probably scared the poor thing so bad. Why is this such a big deal? I have met a person from every single spanish speaking country in my mission so far, except for Uruguay. I have been seaching for this Uruguayan for so long... Ive even got desperate enough to start asking random people on the street for referrals of people from uruguay. So that was a life event that happened.

Alright so last week we were finding basically 100% of the time since we are a 3rd set of missionaries they added us into this ward and so there wasn't any investigators or information or anything to go off of because we didn't exist before. It has been fun getting to know the area and trying to figure out where the best places to find spanish speakers are... we have gotten really good at using google maps on our ipads and zooming in all over our area and skoping out places like trailer parks or is pretty cool.  We had a TON of success this week. I can't tell you how much my testimony of saying specific prayers has grown. Every time before we would go out finding, we would pray and tell heavenly father exactly how much time we would spend in the area, and what we wanted to accomplish. Whether it was "find 2 new investigators, and get 3 peoples information" or " teach 2 lessons and receive a referral" I'm not lying we achieved every single thing we set out to do every day. We ended up finding 13 new investigators and teaching 29 lessons, I haven't taught that many lessons since I was in Bradenton! And we started this week with 3 people in our area book!  Ambar is doing really well, we were able to set a baptismal date with her this week. 2 other of the new investigators we found came to church on sunday named john and brian. Ill keep you updated on them!

 Our first training we gave in district meeting went well this week, we have zone meeting tomorrow and will be training and president cusick will be there hahah so pray it goes well! Real quick I just want to share a thought about something I was studying this week. I was reading in the book of mormon and about the Liahona. So the liahona has two needles, not one. It says that one points the way they should go, so what does the other do? I was thinking about that, how one needle must represent the will of god and the direction he wanted them to go, and the other must be the will of man. The only possible way that they would be able to know which needle is the will of god would be if both needles were lined up, or rather that both the will of god and the will of nephi and his family were the same.  It is only when we sacrifice our will to that of god that we will be able to progress and find our way through life. We will never know which direction he needs us to go if our will is not aligned with his. Giving god back our time, our talents, our strength and energy is just giving him back what is already his. We can only truly give to him when we give or our heart and our mind---our will. Its the only thing that is not His. Think about what you can do and change in your own life to make sure that your will is aligned with gods:) love you all, have a great week!!
love hermana va

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