Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hermana "Vaugh": B's and V's sound the same in spanish

Well I have approximately 6 minutes to write this...we are having a zone pday today that is starting pretty soon and we have to get there to set things up. Hermana Gibson and I had to get the dinner together hahaha I feel like a relief society president.... I'm too young for this!! I'm excited though,  I get to play ultimate frisbee again! Promise I wont give myself heat exhaustion again mom, don't worry. Weekly highlights weekly highlights....ahh I dont even know what happened now that I'm writing this!

- I biked up a HILL! I had to change my gears on my bike for the first time in my entire mission. It was glorious.
- Ive realized that there is actually a very large population of people from the middle east here in Tampa. Over the past year, I have attained the instinct of just naturally starting to speak in spanish the minute I meet someone who is a little darker, and has an accent.  Usually Im right and they are hispanic. I have had to change that since being here hahah too many times have I started to speak to some innocent person in spanish here that just stares at me, waits for me to stop then says- Im from Iraq. Oh. Im so sorry.

- So the area that we had spent the majority of our time finding in last week is turning out to be too far to travel to... so basically we started our whole teaching pool over again this week. We discovered 15th street, this street that is right by us that is LLENO  of people who speak spanish!! There are a ton of apartments, in one of them we have yet to knock on a door and speak english. There have been so many nights where I don't want to stop talking to people because I just love how many people we are finding that are so willing to learn! We found 19 new investigators this week, I was able to share my testimony about the restoration with every single one of them. I have been praying to be able to strengthen my testimony of the restoration, and I know being moved here was an answer to that prayer because I have been able to share the message of the restoration I feel like at least 40 times since being here. How better way to grow your testimony than by sharing it? Im so grateful for the knowledge that I have of the gospel truths that have been restored and feel so blessed for the opportunity I have had this week to share that message with so many.

- Update on Ambar, John and Bryan. Not good----- all of them are moving this week!! Ambar is going back to the dominican republic a month earlier than she had been planning, and john and bryan are moving out of tampa. Haha hopefully these other people we have found will actually stay in Tampa!

- Cool story of the week. There is a high councilman that came to our ward this week. He is from cuba, is a doctor and I was talking to him and said I liked his tie. It had a scripture on it. He said he had a ton of them and he wears his scriputre ties to work every day, just as a simple way to do misisonary work. I turned around during sacrament meeting and behind me there was a lady who had never been to church before. I went and sat next to her and turns out she was one of these high concilman's patients, and because of one of his ties they had started talking about church and she came today to visit! She ended up loving church, and said we could come teach her this week. So cool how doing simple things like wearing a scripture tie is missionary work! Challenge of the week: Everyone get a tie with a scriputre on it and that is where the true hastening of the work will come from. Welp ended up taking more than 6 minutes to write this. oops. better go now, love you all have a great week!!!!
hermana vaugh
*funny side note, this is actually how the ward spells my name in the sacrament meeting programs. I find it pretty funny and love it. Vs and Bs sound the same in spanish.

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