Monday, August 3, 2015

525.600 Minutes

So this past week on July 9th I turned a whole one years old. 525,600 minutes if i remember correctly from that rent song. didnt want to do the actual math haha. To celebrate we went to souplantation and then I had frozen yogurt for the first time in a whole year. Oh and also I TAUGHT AN AMISH COUPLE. Ok so we knocked on their door and I told them a little bit about our church and they accpeted me saying a prayer for them so Im counting it. And they weren't just any amish couple, they were mr. and mrs. yoder. Yoder's is the big amish restaurant out here. Mission success? I think yes.

- This week we worked hard like usually and we taught the most lessons that I have taught in like 7 months! If I get transferred this next transfer, I would feel pretty proud of the work that has been done here in Beneva. We have really built up the area here. This week I wanted to focus on trying to help get the members even more involved with missionary work and I thought of this idea called "prayer-grams" to help them you know, "get with the prayer-gram" more. Its like deliviring a candygram but instead of delivering candy we asked the members to think of someone we could go to and say a prayer with that was going through a hard time or something. I thought it was pretty clever until I realized that I am in a spanish branch so that name wouldn't even make sense to them haha. It's all good, made up a spanish one. We are calling them una "secreta oracion" and since I play piano in sacrament meeting, I've got some power when it comes to choosing the sacrament hymns so we sang "secreta oracion." It turned out pretty well and we got a few referrals from it and will hopefully get some more this week!

- Something cool that happened this week was one day we prayed to find two new investigators, and we ended up finding 2 new long lost members that day. One was a 92 year old lady from Honduras named Marie. We knocked on a door and a nurse opened it and it was an old persons home for old hispanic ladies. Jackpot. She welcomed us right in and led us straight to Marie because she likes to listen to la palabra de dios. I invited her to be baptized our second lesson and turns out that she was baptized into the mormon church when she was like 40, one of the four baptisms she has had in her life. Tiny detail she forgot to mention when she met us haha. I told her, well I mean one of those baptisms has to count right?

-the other was a man we talked to outside and offered a prayer to and he was from Chile and was like wait are you mormons? I am too! he and his wife had stopped going to church here because there hadnt been a spanish branch in sarasota a few years ago. but now there is! His name is juan and when I told him my name he swears that it was an elder baugh that baptized him in chicago in 1992 so dad a little homework for you, do we have any relatives that went there??

-Sorry going to have to cut it a little short this week. Basically alls well and the work is great. Que les vaya bien!
Hermana Va

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