Saturday, August 2, 2014

Week Tres

 Hermana Baugh and her district at the Mexico City Temple

Today we got to leave the Great Wall and go into the real world! well kind of. We were stuck inside big yellow buses and driving to go see the temple which is inside another wall but at least we got to be in the world in the time between the walls haha. Mexico is crazy i love it. i wish I could see it for real though. I took lots of pictures though but it was hard to capture what its really like through a dirty bus window. We had this big master plan of how to get the bus to stop, conveniently by a taco stand so that we could all sprint out and have real Mexican tacos but it didn't end up working out so that was kind of disappointing.  Even though we didn't get to go inside the temple, we still got to go on a tour of the visitors center. There were sister missionaries there who gave us a tour and it was really neat because they had to practice their English and we had to answer their questions in Spanish but still we were all able to communicate and feel the spirit, even though none of us knew very many words. It helped build my confidence because I felt like they didn't need to say very much for me to understand and feel what they were trying to say. We watched a cool video about families and it really reminded me of how that is the real reason I am here. I want to help families be able to go to the temple so that they can be with each other for eternity.

Other than those things... and yes the parakeets definitely deserve to be first on this list (she saw 5 green parakeets in the trees at the CCM)... nothing much happened this week except for some more studying, teaching and studying and teaching with some devotionals and fake Mexican CCM food sprinkled in between. I love and miss all of you and hope you have a bueno week!

Hermana Baugh

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