Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm Expecting Again

Long time no email! I feel like I don't really have anything to write about since I just emailed last thursday. But the big news I guess is that I am training! I wish we still had facebook so I could stalk the mission facebook page and see what my trainee looks like but that  ship has sailed so guess I'll just have to wait till Thursday. Ahh I'm nervous but mostly just excited to have a baby again...I know God has some great miracles in store these next two transfers! I just said goodbye to Hermana Mathis a few hours ago and am staying with the English sisters until transfer meeting on Thursday. Ughh I love them but I don't like praying in English it's so weird now. I'm looking forward to having fun with them the next few days though...we're just going to roam Amish town until we've got some new investigators haha. Just kidding. Maybe not though. Here is a miracle that happened this week though! Hermana Mathis and I fasted on Monday and we asked heavenly father if he would please bless us with some new investigators if we promised to talk with everyone. So we went out on our bikes and we did and we found big Mike at a bus stop! He is so sweet and really prepared. He has really accepted and felt the truth of everything we've taught him because he is just so in tune with the spirit. When his friends were asking him why he was learning from the Mormons, "they don't even believe in Christ" he told them "are you kidding? Have you seen the name of their church? How could you think they don't believe in Christ that's all they've ever talked about since they met me they love Christ!" Go get em Mike. When we taught him about the Book of Mormon he was just like " wow that makes perfect sense... I always thought that Christ had to have visited more people than just the ones in Jerusalem and now I have the proof!" I love it when we are able to find and teach those who really are prepared for the gospel. You can tell because it just makes sense to them. I know those people are out there for all of us... we just have to open our mouths a little bit and have a little faith. If we do that then the ones who are searching for the truth will reveal themselves. I love this work and I love my Savior and I love being able to testify of Him everyday. Hope everyone has a great week...please keep a man named Eladio in your prayers. He is a recent convert in our branch and is really old and had to be rushed off to the hospital during church yesterday. Love you all!

Hermana Baugh

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