Monday, October 27, 2014

Miracles Frosties, and a Baja Freeze


- we had exchanges with our sister training leaders this week! I was expecting to be the one leaving our area this time since I stayed last transfer but NOOPEE God has other plans and once again I was told I would be staying in our area and Newbill would leave for the day. Oh and also tiny detail I should mention...our STLs are English speaking missionaries now so I didn't get to enjoy the conveniency of having a leader that spoke Spanish and could actually help me with the lessons. So I was kind of scared the day of exchanges because I'm not too confident in my Spanish yet and we had mostly Spanish lessons planned for the day which basically means me teaching by myself. But then I just needed to remember that I don't need to be confident in myself, I just need to have confidence in the Lord. I don't know, I kind of just look at things like ok God loves his children too much-these people that we are teaching- to let ME mess up THEIR eternal progression. He's not going to leave me alone to teach them about this really important stuff because He'd knows I'd fail without his help. So He's going to help me by letting me teach by the spirit. Because that's all we really are as missionaries is tools. Yup I said it I'm a tool. And I'm proud of it. I'm just the tool that the spirit can work through to touch the hearts of these people we are teaching. So reminding myself of that really helped as we went through the day and you know what? Everything actually went really well. I was able to understand the majority of what others were saying to me and it seemed like everyone I taught understood the things I (the spirit) was teaching them. It was really cool. I know God was with me this day helping me constantly and I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without him.

- another "gift of tongues" experience happened this week. So approximately 7 minutes before church president Gonzalez told us that our sacrament meeting speakers hadn't showed up and Newbill immediately said " it's ok we can speak!" *meanwhile I'm  nonchalantly bracing myself against the wall to keep myself from passing out* presidente said great! The topic is home teaching and visiting teaching! *i grasp the wall a little tighter as my face goes white* So yeah we walked up to the stand and sat up there and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say..,let alone in Spanish. I prayed so hard up there hahah you have no idea. I just had faith though that somehow God was going to let me know what to say! I'm not even quite sure what I ended up really saying but I spoke for ten minutes on something about Moroni 7 and trying to become more like our savior and charity and missionary work and then I bore my testimony and was done! Ah probably the scariest thing of my life but I did it! And I defs know that it was the spirit helping me know what to say because I still have no idea what I said!

-well here's another pretty cool thing that happened. And it's about food. And missionary work. So doubly as cool. So there's this potential investigator named Cecilia that we have been trying to contact for a few months but haven't been able to really get a hold of because she's always working. But the other day we had been planning on getting dinner from a member and when it didn't end up working out we were on our own-- which meant fast food. We had a free frosty coupon so were going to go to Wendy's but were slightly ( ok extremely) disappointed to find out we couldn't use it for another week. So we decided to go to Taco Bell instead! And while we were eating one of the workers comes up to us and says "hey you're the church girls! I've been feeling so bad that I can never call you guys back! This is such a coincidence that I finally get to meet you guys!" It was her! Cecelia! The lady we'd been trying to contact since I got here! She said " let me go get you some Baja freezes and we can talk!" Haha I was like ah yes! Caffeine and the spirit this is gonna be one powerful lesson! So we were able to teach her a lesson about the restoration right then and there in Taco Bell and were able to get more info from her to set up our next appointment. During the lesson when she read the part about Joseph smiths first vision she finished and she was like" wooaah...I felt that, I've got chills all over". Then a little after that I may or may not have knocked over a cup of water all over the table possibly killing the mood a little bit haha but Gods pretty amazing sometimes. Ok No all the time. ..and inspired eating is a real thing!

-well We were supposed to have a baptism this Sunday with Gino, he had been interviewed and everything.  Everything had gone according to plan except right last minute he didn't show up to church, even though we had called 20 minutes before and he said he was on his way. Turns out he had a huge family emergency and his cousin had been shot and killed here in Bradenton right before church so instead of being baptized he was trying to sort all that out and even had a relapse and drank again after not drinking for a month. So that was our hardest thing to have to go through during the week. And obviously for Gino too. It was weird though, we both felt inspired to set a goal of 0 baptisms for this week and something felt kind of off the whole time we were preparing Gino for baptism this week. I just know God really does have a plan and that if he wasn't baptized this weekend it was for a reason and because we need to help him prepare a little more.

- well those were some of the highlights this week. We're getting ready to go on a bike ride to Anna Marie island which is kind of like a touristy place around here right now for our pday so I'm excited for that and will send pictures tomorrow! And we have a sisters conference tomorrow in St Petersburg AT THE BEACH!!!! I REPEAT IM GOING TO THE BEACH AND IM GONNA BE ABLE TO TOUCH SOME SAND. I've never been more excited to touch a bunch of microscopic rocks in my life. Hope everyone has a great week! Love you!
Paz y bendiciones
Hermana Baugh

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