Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Life As a Missionary

The Branch children passing out pass a long cards.

-Well first item of business is that Gino's baptism didn't work out for this weekend:( We told him at the beginning of the week that Satan was going to work extra hard on him this week to try and keep him from getting baptized and to remember to put God first. We tried to meet with him almost every day but last minute he would call us and say I'm so sorry I'm still at work I have to finish this job! ( he works on cars) he's like I don't know where all these jobs have been coming from but I need to do them so that I can make the money to pay my rent and help my family. Meanwhile I'm like �� I know where they're coming from! This is the adversary at work here! Ah that sly dog. He kept Gino so busy doing something "good" this week to prevent him from doing something way better. And the day that we had planned for him to get his baptismal interview of course his phone wasn't working so we couldn't get a hold of him. So we just had to hope and pray that he would show up that night. We felt so bad though because the elders had to meet us at his house and had gotten a ride from one of their investigators since they don't have a car. We waited out by our car for a while and when he wasn't showing up the elders went over and knocked on his door but they did this before we could warn them about Gino's evil roommate/landlord who threatened to call the cops on us one time while we were waiting for Gino to come home. They actually didn't even make it to the door...they just walked past this guys window but it was enough to wake the beast and he came storming out and started yelling at them in angry Cuban Spanish saying "get off my property! Get off! Who do you church people think you are! This is not a public place get out! Who is your pastor?! Who is your pastor?! Give me his number I'm calling him after I call the cops!" Yeah it got pretty heated. And the poor elders and their investigator are just standing in the middle of this like what the heck is going on?? So yeah that was a fun night! Hopefully this week will go better though and Gino will be able to finish work so we can meet with him and can be baptized this next weekend!

- Marcela is doing good! She actually hated her new job! She said they made her work 14 hours straight with no break for her first day last weekend and she was like Ya no that's not going to happen again she is trying to get out of that now and will hopefully be able to go to church soon. Man I love Marcela. She's kind of like our grandma. She's pretty young but she actually is a grandma and is pretty much raising two of her grand babies right now. They are so cute! The whole not being allowed to hold babies and kids rule is probably one of the hardest rules for me,especially with Marcela. There have been a few times when Marcela will just hand me a crying baby and will be like here take him for a second and I'm like ahh what do I do I just want to comfort you but I can't ...I feel like I'm holding a bomb because Hermana Newbill gives me a look like "put it down! Put it down!" And I'm like "ahh I don't know what to do with it" hahah it's actually pretty funny.

- A cool thing that happened this week was that one of the members came and told us that she wants her granddaughter  to be baptized the same day that we are preparing 3 other 9yr olds to be baptized which is in 2 weeks! We were like yes! Baptism! Our favorite word! Our favorite color! Our favorite food! Our favorite pastime activity! We went to her house this week to teach her granddaughter Sheila and her cousin was there too. I asked her if she had been baptized and she said no but I really really want to! And I want to be baptized on the same day as my cousin! So now we are teaching her too and are preparing FIVE 9/10yr olds to be baptized on the same day in 2 weeks. The Ward is so's gonna be a fiesta!

- speaking of the Ward, we had our primary program this week and oh my goshhh little kids singing primary songs in Spanish is pretty much the cutest thing ever I was dying. There was one song I've never heard before called "la familia es de dios" that I've been trying to find but its not in the primary book but I love it! I make the primary kids sing it to me every time I see some of them haha

- Everyday is full of different people and different experiences that I learn different things every day. And I love it. I love being a's something I can't really describe. Before I left I thought I'd have a problem with being home sick or something but I don't. When you are just so involved in doing missionary work and putting everything you have into it you don't really have time to think about anything else. And I'm not just forcing myself to only think about missionary work- it's all I want to do! It literally makes me so happy! Yeah it's hard sometimes and I'm awkward and mess things up and don't know what to say a lot of the time but I know it's okay because I know Heavenly Father knows I'm trying my best! And I'm just happy because I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing! I've got to go but I'll share more about the area I'm in next week. Love you all!!

Love Hermana baugh 

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