Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Im Going to be a BIG Sister!!

Alright well ready for the big news? Just finished my 2nd transfer of the mission and  ready for it....I'm staying here!! Haha wasn't surprised about that though. Newbill is staying too! I probs would have vetoed president though if he moved her because she only has 1 more transfer left (6weeks) before I kill her off and she dies (translation- "ends her mission"). But here's the twist...we are getting a baby and are going to be training! Well Newbills the trainer so naturally I'm the assistant trainer. So yeah I'm going to be in a tripanionship this next transfer...Newbill and I were not excited about this when we found out. We had literally just been talking about how much we would hate to be in a tripanionship a few days before. Just goes to show you that Gods going to give you exactly what you need. I think we are going to learn a lot this transfer. We have been making guesses about what the baby's going to be like...I've settled on a native Guatemalan health nut philanthropist because we've each been praying and trying to speak more Spanish to each other, eat healthier and be more charitable. So knowing HF hes probably going to give us someone that's going to force me to learn these things. I'm excited though. Part of getting a trainee right now though means that I will probs finish training her after Newbill leaves since she is going home half way through baby's training. So basically here's how it's going to go down...6 weeks from now my I'm going to kill off my mom and then will be taking custody of my little sister. The mission field is a pretty messed up place. We will be going to transfer meeting up in Tampa to pick up our child on Thursday... So stay tuned to meet our newest member of the family.

- This week was kind of slow buuut we had 4 baptisms on Sunday so I guess you could say that made up for it haha. It was the baptism of the 4 little girls from part member families! The baptism was so good! It was kind of crazy getting everything ready for it since we had it
right after church and pretty much the entire Ward stayed for it but it was a big success. I love these 4 girls so much...they were so excited to be baptized. I loved waiting with them in the back as they all waited anxiously in line for their turn to go down into the water. One of the little girls who was baptized is the daughter of Magaly, the woman who got baptized a few weeks ago who had been investigating for over a year. When Jocelyn (her daughter) was confirmed president blessed her  during the confirmation that she would one day be married and sealed in the temple and I just got chills right then the spirit was so strong. I just felt so strongly that we really can be with our family and loved ones forever. That the priesthood and the covenants we make during baptism and in the temple are real and that the bonds we share with each other don't end at death but can strengthen eternally. After the baptism we had a huge party because it was fast Sunday and we had four baptisms and a branch full of hungry Hispanics so naturally that means tons of meat and rice and tortillas and bread. It was so much fun to just spend time all together celebrating as a Ward. They are starting to feel like my family I love them.

- okay going back in time! On Tuesday we had the sisters conference at St Petersburg which was awesome. We talked a lot about the talk from conference "approaching the throne of God with confidence" which was my favorite talk this session. I love how simple and direct it is...it really just outlines to the point how we need to be applying the gospel in our lives. I know the atonement is real and that we need to use it daily. Repentance isn't a bad thing. In fact it's the opposite. And it's not just something we do for our big mistakes. Repentance is something we should do joyfully and constantly. It's an opportunity to try a little harder to be a little better and to be a little happier every day. Im So grateful that we have a never ending potential, that we can never reach a point in our lives where we can say alright I'mgood enough. Because of the atonement and Gods plan for us, we can always progress. There really is no limit.

- Halloween was pureety crazy this year. We went to a raging Ward trunk or treat, got like a mini sand wich bag full of candy and dressed up like missionaries. And wait for it....wait for it......we even switched name tags. I know I know we probably went a little too far but I couldn't help myself. Haha but yeah we didn't really do much for Halloween. Apparently people don't really want to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ when they can walk around in costumes and get free candy. Who knew.  The trunk or treat was the night before and the night of Halloween we went to a members house for a little bit and ate hotdogs and talked to their nonmember friends there and that was about it. But we actually got some pretty solid referencias from them!

-  One cool thing that happened was on Wednesday! we have been teaching a less active who's husband is not a member and a few weeks ago we had a really awesome lesson and asked if we could have a lesson with both her and her husband and she said yes. We have been trying to set up the lesson since then and we're finally able to have it this week. Of course the only time they could meet was during the English Ward trunk or treat so we weren't able to go to that but we were like yeah this is definitely way more important than any piece of candy we could get haha. At first her husband seemed a little hesitant to be there and seemed like he was just there to make his wife happy. But as we started teaching him he got more comfortable, started asking questions and opening up more. I know it was because the spirit was there and he was feeling it! We got him to offer a kneeling prayer at the end and he said he would be baptized when he knew our message was true! He said we could come back next week to teach him again and then he came to the baptism we had on Sunday with his wife!

- We weren't able to see Gino this week again...I'm kind of worried about him. He's putting work and other things before God again and wasn't able to go to church either. We are still working with him though and he knows the church is true so it's only a matter of time
until he gets baptized.

- We weren't able to see marcela or Maria this week either...everyone just needs to stop working and having lives. We are staying positive though and are just praying that God will continue to put those who are prepared in our path!

- It's getting cold here! Either that or I'm becoming a whimp...Newbill told me that it gets kind of cold here and I didn't believe her but saturday and Sunday it was like 65 degrees! Haha ok that sounds bad I guess I am a whimp but it really was pretty cold. It's getting me excited for the holidays though. Hope everyone has a great week! Love you!

Hermana Baugh

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