Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trying to See the Sunshine Through the Clouds

Well not gonna lie this week was pretty hard. It started off pretty good though. We had a mini zone conference in port Charlotte and got some training, were told flu shots were mandatory for us (bad thing number uno) and we got to watch Meet the Mormons....with a bunch of
Mormons. Haha all the missionaries looked like they were about to cry when the movie started since a lot of them haven't seen a movie in almost a yr and a half or two years. But I thought it was really good and they did a good job with it! I saw Andrew knowlton there...he's
alive and doing well! Haha president actually told him to stand up during the meeting and was like "alright, raise your hand if you have ever seen this elder not smiling" and everyone was quiet and he's like "everyone needs to be a little happier..people don't want to talk to you if you don't at least look happy!". 

- we had a lot of lessons fall through this week...I guess people have work and family and lives and other things to do besides learn about the gospel or something? One interesting lesson we had was with an old lady named Sandra from Puerto Rico who was a member referral. She is probably the most stubborn, prideful, loud person I've ever met. She let us in to give her a lesson but she probably talked for 95% of it...and not because we didn't know what to say, because every single time we started to say something she would butt in in her loud Puerto Rican Spanish voice and not let us finish our sentence. I was getting so frustrated because if I even paused for half a second for my slow little brain to catch up and try to put my thoughts into semi-comprehensible Spanish she would seize the opportunity and go off again about how there is no way that any church could help her strengthen her relation ship with God because "tengo una fe taaaangrande". Yup not going back there - 

Alright so the two of our new investigators that I have been talking about, Marcela and her sister Maria. We had a really great lesson with Marcela about the law of chastity early in the week because Marcela is living with her boyfriend so in other words no baptism until we can fix that no no. But we had been praying so hard all week that she would have the faith and desire to keep the commandments, specifically this one and she took the lesson really well and said that she and Grant want to get married soon!! We were like yes yes yes marriage baptism combo for the win! Then the next day we found out that both Marcela and Maria both finally the jobs they've been looking for! They kept saying oh it's because of you guys and God that my prayers have finally been answered and we both found jobs the same day that you visited us. And we're like yeah it's because you're doing the things that God wants you to do that he's blessing you so much! So we were on a pretty high high because we're like yeah this is so good, they're getting answers to their prayers, they're recognizing these blessings are from God, we're on a roll  , hallelujah hurrah for Israel. Then of course we find out that BOTH of them have to work Sunday's and aren't able to come to church and all of our hopes and dreams came crashing down. They need to come to church!! Ahhh Newbill and I were so sad because now we're gonna have to tell them that "hey actually remember how we were talking about those miracle jobs you guys finally got after not having work since you left Mexico...yeahh those might have to go...". Man so pray for us and pray for them this week that they will be able to work something out so that they will be able to come to church!

- Gino got a new job this week too so it's been pretty hard to see him. I guess Satans new thing is giving these poor jobless Mexicans who just want to work jobs that don't let them meet with the missionaries or go to church. Because Gino is ready and wants to get baptized this next weekend but he wasn't able to cometo church to get his interview this Sunday and we have only been able to see him like once or twice this week so pray for him too that we will be able to work everything out for his baptism this weekend!!
- One of our investigators named Joe was supposed to get baptized this weekend but that fell through since he doesn't feel he's quite ready to make that commitment yet...we are really trying to help him though to gain his own testimony but he needs to do his part and actually read the Book of Mormon and pray and come to church so we are hoping this time it will finally click and he will realize that he needs to act to build his faith and can't just wait around for God to answer him.

- NONE of our investigators were able to come to church this Sunday. So my heart kinda broke but then it was put back together a little bit because all of our recent converts were there and going strong and Hilario got the priesthood so that made things a little better.

- but to put the cherry on top of this week...we had one of our English investigators pass away on Thursday. And it was a really horrible experience that I've been struggling with this week and am not going to talk about very much but yeah so that may have put a little bit of a damper on this week. - but we are just praying that these things happened this week because that just means something really good is going to happen this week. We're GOING to have at least one baptism this week. Gino is ready and also Alfredo is ready....he is still just trying to receive a confirmation for himself that this church is true. It's kind of killing me because he just wants to know the truth soooo sooo bad but I know that God answers prayers in his own way and his own time but I'm hoping that His own way and His own time will be this week so that Alfredo will feel ready to be baptized this weekend. -Spanish update. Score is still currently me:�� Spanish language:��. It's kind of frustrating I thought I'd be way better by now at it than I actually am but guess God is trying to teach me patience and humility. Wish he was trying to teach me intelligence and bilingualism pero, así es. - please pray for the people I mentioned in my letter today...for Marcela and Maria and Gino and Joe and Alfredo. They need the prayers more than I do! Love you guys and hope everyone has a great week! ������ -boo yah thought I'd have to leave these bad boys behind but guess who's got emojis on her iPad ����

Hermana Baugh

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