Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Asi es la vida cuando soy misionera

Anyone remember the song the rescuers sing from the movie the rescuers down under that goes "R-e-s-c-u-e,- rescuing society!" Well I've come to make singing that song with the words "asi es la vida, cuando soy misionera!" my theme song on my mission. It basically means "that's the way life is when Im a missionary". I start singing it whenever something ridiculous happens that would only happen to a missionary-- when a man you gave a Book of Mormon to in your complex a few weeks ago stops you in your car, asks you to roll the window down and pray with him, when you're riding your bike and the wind starts up and you're holding your skirt down for dear life, when you have a day packed full of appointments and plans and they all fall through on you--- cosas asi. Things like that. It's a wonderful life:)

Guess what! I got  a letter the other day from Magali, she and her daughter got baptized when I was in Cortez and then later her husband Juan a few months later and I got to go back to the baptism. She said they are doing so well, her husband Juan is now in the young mens presidency and he just baptized their 8 yr old  son Yayir. They are taking classes to prepare to go to the temple together and read the bom and bible as a family every day. Getting that letter made me more happy than anything. It's such a blessing to have made so many close friends here on my mission and to get to see thier continual progress.

-Francheliz is doing well and still progressing. unfortunately her husband didn't want to get married (he wants a big wedding on the beach in puerto rico...too bad that is like ya know.. across the ocean..) But we did a fast that his heart would be softened and this week he actually accepted to start taking the lessons. so we are hoping for some progress there.

- Another neat family that I met a few weeks ago while I was here on exchanges with a sister named sister coleman is the williams family. They are an english family- and it is a single mom with three children and two have parkinsons disease. Her two boys with this disease are only in their 20s and they are already having some pretty serious effects from this disease. It was actually her 11 year old daughter that we met first outside and introduced us to her family. It was such a blessing to find them. They are all progressing towards baptism now and have a date for november 7th to be baptized and are really excited for it:) We decided it would be best to hand them over to the english elders though since we can't even go to church with them so we are introducing them to the english elders tonight. I hope everything goes well with the hand off and the elders can continue to help this family progress and im glad for the chance Iva had to teach them these past couple weeks. Hopefully everything goes well with their baptism and I can go and send ya'll pictures:)

- Joel is doing so well. He is Dinora's husband. We still haven't been able to have much contact with dinora because she works so dang much but Joel is progressing so well. He came to church again and is already half way through 2nd nefi. And guess what? He found out his parents  (in honduras) are actually members of the church! how cool is that? He has been getting great fellowhhsip from the ward, the first counselor in the bishopric is convinced joel will be the next elders quorum president haha. Please if everyone could pray for him though for his efforts to live the word of wisdom, that is what we are working with right now.

- This week we had a special mission leadership conference where we got the opportunity to listen to Elder Soares (presidency of the quorum of the 70) speak to us. He talked about the importance of our missionary purpose and to always make sure that we are "helping" EVERYONE to come unto christ, that we are motivating, uplifting and inspiring instead of convincing or dragging anyone to Christ! It was really amazing to be able to listen to such an inspiring leader.  Something that he said really stuck out to me was that on our missionary plaques... or I guess tags.. sorry spanish translation problem.. We have three names. The name of the church, the name of Jesus Christ, and the name of our Family. Our name is no where to be found on it. This work is not about us, it is about hastening the work of the Lord
s kingdom, serving our Savior, and honoring our families and helping others to be with theirs for eternity.
-So i usually don't talk about investigators in my letters until they come to church and now I can finally tell you about Maria and Jose! ( I know, all they need is a baby named Jesus right?) The way we met them was kind of funny. We were in this classy trailer park (I lvoe this place its seriously the best) called village of tampa and there are secureity guards all over it who dont like us to knock doors. So we went there one day a few weeks ago to go knock doors of course and a security guard was coming up to us and Sister Gibson got worried he was going to kick us out and I just said "It's okay, we will just tell him we are going to go see our friend maria, then we will go find a maria to teach" I say that because nearly every other hispanic is named Maria. And what do you know? They very first door we knock, it opens, We introduce ourselve and the lady who opens it said "nice to meet you! Im Maria." Im so glad I kept myself together and didn't start laughing then! We have been able to teach them a few times since then, and they call us their daughters now. WE've had dinner with them a few times and they always give us cake pops. They really made some great progress this week and came to church and absolutely loved it. They were pretty nervous but they got along so well with all the members and they fit right in it was perfect. Im really excited to see the progress that they keep making!!

Que tengan una buena semana
hermana vaugh

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