Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We Are Different

This week has been a good one!

I have spoken more spanish these last two weeks than I have my whole mission. Speaking spanish to each other all the time has pretty much been a companionship goal I have had my whole mission. It's so hard though since we live in America and in case you didn't know, everything in America is in english which makes it hard to always speak spanish. But a few weeks ago I thought I'd make speaking spanish within our companionship something competitive since Im just naturally a competitive person. So every time one of us has started to speak in english these past few weeks, we have to give ourself a point. And then on the following pday, you tally up all your points, and the number of points you have is how many minutes of a massage you have to give your companion. It has been working really well, we've only spoken english to each other a few times these past two weeks.

- Maria and Jose, the couple from Puerto Rico that I talked about last week are doing so so well. This week Maria got a spiritual confirmation that this church is true and what she has been searching for. She said that she had some time during the day so felt like she should sit down and start reading the Book of Mormon. and so she did, and a little bit into it, she was reminded of the bible that a friend had given her years ago that she had never opened. She felt like she needed to so she went and got it and was led to revelations, and read the entire book of revelations. While she was reading, she felt the spirit really strongly when she read Revelations 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." She said she felt so good when she read that and thought about how she had opened the door to us, felt something different and wanted to learn more, we ate dinner to us, and how she feels like she has felt more closer to Christ every since she did that. She said that because of that, she feels that us and this church are the answers to her prayers to be able to find the church where God needs her to serve. She is so set on getting baptized on Nov 7, but her husband wants to get baptized on Nov 14th.  hahah in the lesson it was so funny she was like "Im not waiting for you! I feel like Im going to be ready the 7th!" hhaha so we will see what happens with that. I want them to get baptized together though. On Sunday we had a miracle. We woke up Sunday morning with some texts from Maria saying she was so sorry that they actually wouldn't be able to come to church because she didn't have any more skirts and didn't want to wear pants. I quickly went to my closet, grabbed a few skirts I thought might work and we dropped them off on her porch hoping they would work and that they would come. Nothing could describe my happiness seeing them walk into sacrament meeting beaming! She was so happy and grateful. They are doing so good

- Joel is doing really well too. One of the members came to a lesson with him and shared her conversion story and how she stopped drinking coffee to be able to be baptized. She said it was really hard, but that she was able to do it and she talked about all the blessings she has seen since being a member of the church. Since then, Joel hasn't drank coffee once and he's done it all on his own. It is a real testimony to me to see how much faith others have and that God blesses us for that faith. He came to church again too on Sunday and is continuing to progress well and he says he's set to get baptized on Nov 7th:)

-This week we heard from several people that they don't know what it is, or why they let us into their homes but something tells them to. Something makes them want to listen to what we have to say. One of those ladies is Betty who is another progressing investigator we met recently. We walked past her, then turned around and gave her a bom and prayed with her. We have met with her a few other times since then and she keeps telling us, I don't know why I keep inviting you back...the only thing I know is that I have never felt this good and this peaceful before. There's something different about you. The other day we tracted into an old lady named Anna who kept telling us "I just see the Lord in your faces, you have the lord in your eyes". She wasn't really interested in learning more...but she gave us fudge haha. Another lady this week named Yancy from El Salvador said " ya know, a lot of people have come knocking on my door and I have never once let them in. I don't know why you were different." I've thought about that a lot recently, why do people even invite us in? Or listen to us? I think about myself and if I were in their situation..two nun looking girls come knocking on my door offering to pray for me, would I even give them a chance? I realize more and more, that it's not me personally or hermana gibson that gets us into people's home or allows us to teach people, it is the holy ghost. Nothing else could soften people's hearts and inspire them to accept our invitations. I've learned from the example of the nephite people in 3 nefi 19:9, when they are prayign to have that which they desired most, which was to be given the holy ghost, that that truly is the most important thing to have with us. If I don't desire to have the holy ghost with me more than anything else, then Im doing this all wrong. Que Dios les bendiga

Hermana Baugh

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