Monday, October 12, 2015

Always been a die hard

Hey everyone!!
Another week has come and gone. And also another transfer (6 weeks). Sister Gibson and I will be staying together here in Tampa 5 for another transfer, our third one. I had the sudden realization after transfer emails came in that I ONLY HAVE TWO TRANSFERS LEFT. DOS.  I'm thinking that Sister Gibson and I will stay together for my last transfer as well. If that does happen, then we will have spent 9 months as companions. Crazy! I don't think there is anything we don't know about each other! I'm excited to keep working hard here, it's a great area, we are teaching and meeting great people, and we are happy.

This week was full of great things. One day I will tell you about them, but today is not that day haha. There is never enough time. This week though, I'm not really sure what happened but we were just really determined and committed to finding people who are committed to progressing towards baptism. Like more than usual committed. And guess what happened?? 11 people we are teaching committed to working towards a specific date to be baptized!  God was touching the heart of people one after the next! Some really neat experiences and examoles of this were with our investigators Luz and Ferdinand. They are a young couple from Puerto Rico and we met Luz a few weeks ago when we prayed to find a spanish speaking family who we could teach 2 times that same week (which btw happened, luz was the answer to that prayer). She said that her husband Ferdinand wasn't interested in learning though, she had asked him. We were a little bummed but just let him be. We went by this week to teach luz, after not being able to see her for a while and her husband was there. Hermana Gibson asked him if he wanted to join the lesson and he actually said yes! We talked about baptism and why it is important. He talked about how he doesn't feel prepared and feels like he doesn't have a very strong relationship with god. We told him that that is exactly what we do as missionaries, we help people to grow their relationship with God by helping them prepare to be baptized. He was really touched by the spirit and accepted our invitation, along with luz, to preapre to be baptized in November. He said that we could come back how ever many times we wanted during the week to teach them because he really loves how he feels like we are bringing god's presence and spirit into their home.

Another was Joel- he is dinora's husband, the lady we took a picture with who made us food in the restarant she works in. they are from hondyras. Joel wasn't interested in learning with us the first time we asked him 2 weeks ago, but last week we were teaching dinora's cousin and joel walked down the stairs, said hi, then walked out the door. A few minutes later he came back in and said actually...can I sit in on the lesson? The spirit had told him to come back and he listened to it! He is now set and working towards being baptized on Nov 7, came to church by himself on Sunday, is up to 1 ne 13 in the bom and is reading 4 chapters a day and sent us a message this morning saying how happy he has been since we started teaching him this week.  so neat

-So we as missionaries and our ward council had been planning a missionary activity for a while and we were finally able to do it on saturday. It was about the plan of salvation, and we had set up all the rooms in the church as if they were the steps in the plan. Everyone boarded a "plane" when they got there, experienced a plane crash and then had to go through the steps of the plan of salvation. We were the flight attendants and guides for the groups of people! It turned out really neat. The other elders randomly had received an online referral from a member in Utah, and it was for their family members who were living here and just arrived from Venezuela. The elders were able to contact them right before the activity and those two families were able to come to the activity and learn, and also receive great fellowship from all the members. It was so great to see how fast the ward welcomed that family in and they loved it so much that they all came to church the next day. All that work we put into that activity was completely worth it to see that family receive fellowship and be able to feel the spirit.

- Well Im looking forward to the miracles this next transfer brings and am determined to work harder than I ever have before. If Im going out soon, Im going to go out with a bang. Have the best week everyone, live long and prosper.
love hermana vaugh

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