Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Two Times Devoured

I can't believe Christmas week has already come and gone...Time in the mission is so weird. I don't know whether to go from Monday to monday, Sunday to Sunday, Thursday to Thursday (the day we do our weekly planning), month to month, or transfer to transfer. And since I can't
decide it all just goes by even faster. So if you find yourself wanting time to go by faster in life...just live your life on a missionary schedule and you'll be done before you know it. I feel like the rest of my life is going to be lived in 6 week periods though because that's what I'm becoming used to here haha.

So turns out that Christmas on the mission is pretty great. It's Hispanic culture ( or at least Mexican, not sure about the rest) to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. They stay up all night then eat dinner and open presents at midnight then fall asleep when we would usually wake up on Christmas morning. Seems to make more sense to me, that way all the kids can actually see Santa delivering their presents. I've heard it's a pretty cool experience. Buuut being as I'm a missionary and having to be at home by 9pm I didn't get to meet Santa with everyone else but on Christmas Eve we did spend a few hours helping the Sedillos make their famous tamales! And I say helping for lack of a better word...it was more like we provided the entertainment for them while they made the tamales hahah I'm sure it was pretty funny for them watching us try to imitate their innate tamale making skills. But I feel like I can officially say I'm like at least 5.7% Mexican now because I can say I've made tamales. So don't mind me if I put that on my next resume. But really though making tamales is hard...they woke up at 3 am that morning and said they wouldn't finish making all of them till after midnight Christmas morning. But they are so worth it because they're pretty much the best thing I've ever tasted...I might have had 9 in a row but I mean who's counting. Also on Christmas Eve we went over to President Gonzalez house! It was a lot different from the crazy kid filled sedillo house...they are so proper and fancy haha and all their kids are older than me and aren't married yet. They were going to eat at midnight so Hna Gonzalez was so nice and just made us our own dinner and talked to us while we ate. I love her she's seriously the sweetest person ever. Then president showed us like a thousand pictures from their trip to Mexico and we finally had to be like I'm sorry president but we've got to go now! Haha they were so nice though. On Christmas we were able to teach a few lessons, do some service for our dear friend Mrs Digman and her fat Pomeranian Romeo and she gave us each a cute Christmas blanket! You know for when it gets all cold in Florida! Then we walked around showing people He's the Gift and spreading Christmas cheer....but just a side note most people put walking around Christmas Eve night and on Christmas don't believe in it haha...it's pretty fun meeting JW's ( Jehovah witnesses) and being like hi! Could we show you this video our church published about The nativity and Christmas? "I don't believe in Christmas." oh ok. well then. Awkward. Later on Christmas we went over to the Turners who's dad is the member of high council in our Ward and had invited us over for dinner! We've been teaching his non member son in law and daughter a few times. But it was a nice dinner and we got some good southern food! Afterwards we left and enjoyed the sunset and wrote in our journals ( IVE BEEN BEHIND FOR LIKE TWO MONTHS AND I FINALLY CAUGHT UP SO IM BACK FROM THE PAST EVERYONE HALLELUJAH) and were given some time to "ponder our relationship with the savior" as president had put it. It was a perfect day. I will always remember this Christmas!

So robertos baptism didn't happen this week. Actually, we aren't even teaching Roberto any more. So he called me on Christmas after our lesson and pretty much professed his love for me. Ok not love but I'll just say he's confusing feeling the spirit when we teach him for other things. That was really awkward and weird. Soooo yeah haven't seen him since then and there's an elder in the Bradenton Ward who speaks Spanish so we sent his records to them and they are going to keep teaching him and help him get his feelings straight!

So Ricardo is the referral from the other Hermanas that we met last week...he is doing so awesome. Our second lesson with him we asked if he'd prayed about Joseph smith and he said yes and also I went and searched the Internet ( my first thought: oh gosh here we go)  and found this video about what your were telling me about and I loved it! HE WENT AND WATCHED THE ENTIRE RESTORATION VIDEO HOW COOL IS THAT? And he found the right website haha that was such a relief! I asked him if he believed he really was a prophet and he said, well if this wasn't true I feel like I would not have kept wanting to watch that video and would have turned it off after a few minutes. But I kept wanting to watch it and keep wanting to learn more so yes I do believe he was a prophet. So cool. And he was supposed to be working on Sunday and wouldn't have been able to come to church but he worked extra late Saturday night and Sunday morning so he could come! He's awesome!

Haha so frustration of the week. Every week we have to do weekly planning where we plan out the lessons for everybody we teach for the next week. It usually takes like 3 hours. Sups fun. And we plan it all on our iPads using the areabook planner app. Sooo we finish our planning and go about our day and find out later that night that when we had sunk, synced ( we still haven't figured out the real past tense of the word sync so if you do please let me know) that THE WIFI HAD EATEN OUR PLANS AND WERE GONE. haha I just laughed. I couldn't believe that happened. So the next day we just put on a smile and did planning
all over again. Of course we forgot to check to see if area book would delete our plans again and after finishing round two I sunk and AREABOOK DELETED OUR PLANS AGAIN. TWO TIMES DEVOURED (if you can name that movie I will send you a Book of Mormon as a reward). So yeah I just feel so blessed that I got so much time to learn patience this week. Be careful what you pray for! I have lots of pictures this week I'll be sending since I forgot to last week. I hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas and a happy new year!

Hermana Baugh

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