Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life Gets in the Way of Eternal Life

Hello everybody!! 

So alligator update... no luck yet but we are embarking on another safari soon. This week we went on exchanges again because Hermana Gibson is in training and we are just super awesome and get special attention like that. I went to Sarasota again and guess what! I got to teach Eugene! The old guy that was a member of the rLDS church that me and hna paulsen found on the last exchange and pushed in his wheelchair back to his apartment! He has been coming to church and praying about baptism. So that was pretty cool! 

So both Ricardo, Leslie and Silvia were doing really well at the beginning of the week but recently they've fallen off the face of florida. We taught Ricardo in the middle of the week and committed him to praying about being baptized next week but then our last few lessons with him have been cancelled last minute because he keeps having to work. Then we didn't hear anything from him on Sunday and he didn't come to church...we've been trying to contact him but haven't had any luck yet.  Leslie and Silvia have been doing really well but went to Tampa again this weekend last minute and didn't come to church:( I really hope we can keep teaching them but if we aren't able to meet very much this week and if Leslie and Silvia don't come to church again for a good reason then we will probably have to drop them for a little bit:( Thats probably the hardest thing about the mission, is seeing all the progress and changes that people make, but a lot of the time Satan gets in the way and tries to stop that, usually when they are having the most success. Family or money problems happen, work schedules change, school projects, sports... thinks that don't even seem bad but just fill up our time and prevent us from doing something better. I came up with a phrase a while back that Ive been using a lot and its that a lot of times, its life that gets in the way of eternal life. And the longer Ive been on my mission, the more plainly Ive been able to see that. Its pretty ironic but its true!

MIRACLE OF THE WEEK. So the english ward had a baptism this saturday and we get a call from our zone leaders saying that we needed to come and meet this guy visiting from Mexico there that only speaks spanish. His name is Abdi and he is visiting his aunt for a few weeks and he is golden. Apparently he has been asking his aunt a lot about the church lately and really wants to learn more. When we were talking to him and his aunt about the baptism I said that hey you could be baptized before you went back to Mexico on february 15th if you wanted and he looked at his aunt and was like yes Id love to! I was like woah I was kind of joking but yeah lets do it! So we taught him right then and there at the church a little bit, went over later that day to teach him some more, he came to BOTH the english and spanish meetings yesterday at church (that is not a typo he literally went to both), THEN we taught him after church too. He loves everything he's learning and he wants to get baptized on the 7th! Seriously so awesome!! Pray that we will be able to see him every day until then and that he keeps feeling the spirit!

So this is the last week of transfers, Saturday I will find out if Im staying or leaving this next transfer! These past few weeks, Ive really realized how truly blessed I am to be here in this area, with these investigators and these members and I really hope I get to stay here for another transfer. Not a lot of other areas are as blessed with such a large spanish speaking population as this one. I love you all and hope everyone has a great week!!!

love Hermana Baugh

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