Friday, January 16, 2015


EVERYONE GUESS WHAT IT SNOWED IN BRADENTON THIS WEEK. It was crazy...It had been raining a lot that whole day and night but when we woke up to exercise in the morning I opened the door and sure enough there was a thin layer of snow all over the ground!! Ok Just kidding. Thought I would at least attempt to try and make you guys jealous for maybe like half a second to experience what Im feeling right now while reading your emails. I CANT BELIEVE IT SNOWED IN TEMECULA FOR LIKE THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY THE ONE WINTER IM NOT THERE. But really though! Like it couldn't have waited one more? Or maybe last year that would have been good too? It's alright though Id still rather be snow busy saving souls.

- Spanish lesson of the week:  A way to say what's up or what's happening in Spanish is¿Que pasa? I was eating some natilla (Columbian dessert with raisins) this week and had some personal revelation: raisin in Spanish is pasa. So really when you say ¿que pasa? You're never going to know if someone's trying to say hey! What's happening! Or hey! What raisin! So I'm telling you guys this so that if you ever in your life have a Hispanic come up to you and hey! What raisin!? Just stay calm they are probably just confused and trying to say what's up. So you're all welcome for that.

- Lets see...what happened this week....I got peed on by a dog? Hahaha like all over my skirt.  I walked straight through a giant anthill and got attacked? I caught a alligator and am now keeping it as a pet? Ok maybe not the last one. Still waiting for the day I see an alligator. But yeah I feel like everything this week pretty much stayed the same. We were only able to see Ricardo once this week because he's been having to work so much and that's why he wasn't able to come to church on Sunday so that was a little sad. But he's doing pretty well and we will hopefully be able to see him more this week. We went on exchanges this week and Hna Paulsen(my MTC companion) is my sister training leader so I went on exchanges with her in her area in Sarasota! Haha it was awesome! Like seriously though it was amazing to see how much we have both learned and progressed these last few months. And teaching together in Spanish? So much better than our attempts to read through our poorly prewritten notes in the MTC. I have read through some of my notes and talks from the MTC and they just make my eyes burn! There like isn't even one sentence that doesn't have something wrong! Haha I honestly don't know how my MTC teachers could keep straight faces when we talked to them. I'm not sure I have what it takes to be an MTC teacher bc I'm pretty sure I would just be dying all the time. But it was really neat just talking with Hna Paulsen about all of the things that we have learned about Spanish, missionary work, the gospel and life in general. They didn't really have anyone to teach and so we pretty much just spent the whole day walking around her area asking every single person for referrals. I've been wanting to get better at asking people for referrals for a long time and this exchange was just what I needed. Even though we didn't really have any lessons planned, we ended up teaching 11- the most lessons I've taught in a single day so far in my mission. And this was just because we asked everybody for referrals! At one point we were walking down this road and there was an old man trying to push himself down the street in his wheelchair( doesn't really work so well). I asked if we could help him and he let me push him all the way back to his house. After talking to him, we found out that he had already read the Book of Mormon and when I asked if he believed it he was like yes of course I believe it! It helps support the bible and the bible helps support the BOM! The only reason I'm not mormon is because they believe in polygamy! Well you know sir, now that you mention it, Mormons actually DONT believe in polygamy soooo you should come to church and get baptized haha. We were able to set him up with a ride to church so idk maybe he will end up getting baptized soon! But anywho I learned so much this day and had like a whole list of things I wanted to bring back to our area to improve on. I hope one day that Paulsen and I can be companions again because we'd do work!

- So we have been teaching a couple named Catherine and Chris, the daughter of a member and her boyfriend, a few times and the last time we were finally able to teach them about the Book of Mormon. They are both super religious and love the bible and have soooo many questions about our religion and Joseph smith and prophets and everything else and as we have been teaching them my gratitude for the Book of Mormon has increased so so much. Heavenly Father knew we would have concerns and questions and doubts so He gave us the Book of Mormon. A true testimony of the Book of Mormon really can answer every single question that someone could have about this church. How is it possible that Joseph Smith saw God? Read and pray about the Book of Mormon and you'll know. How can I believe that your church is the only one with the authority to baptize? Read and pray about the Book of Mormon and you'll know. It really is my first answer to everything. It is the key to everything. If someone knows that the Book of Mormon is true, then they will also know God is our Heavenly Father, Christ is our savior, and that His church in its fullness has been restored through the prophet Joseph smith and we are led and guided by a living prophet today. It's like a package deal! There's no need for argument, for bible bashing or any of that because we can always just invite people to read about the Book of Mormon to answer any questions someone could ask us. I am so grateful for this inspired book and my testimony and gratitude for it grow every day.

-Hope everyone had a good New Years! I had a great one...I set my alarm for 11:59, watched it turn 12 and shouted WOOH 2015 BRING IT ON to myself then went back to bed haha it was pretty epic. So excited for what this new year holds! Everyone go out and live the best year of your life okay because that's my game plan! Love you all and hope you have a great week-- hope you all don't get snowed in our anything!


Herbaughna (new year new name yes it's happening)

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