Monday, July 6, 2015

Whoops that was my comp

Well not anything too exciting happened this week. Besides another week of doing the best work ever I mean. I did hit my companion with the car as I was backing out but i wouldnt exactly call that a highlight. She's good though no worries, I was just being a good companion and giving her an opportunity to learn more about the atonement and forgiveness. In other news, I downloaded the family search app which can trace your family tree back as far as the work's been done. So I tried to find out who my oldest recorded ancestor was and so far the best I've gotten is a guy named Tergog from the year 700. Basically Im pumped to meet this guy in the next life. On more important news, I finished Jesus the Christ. I've always looked at that book in our library and wanted to read it but then took a look at it once and realized it was written in 1915 and had more pages than harry potter and thought ehhhh betta not. But I decided to start reading it a little bit ago and couldnt put it down in any spare moment that I had. Which is like a few minutes during breakfast and then right before bed. This book is so captivating and interesting I loved it so much. I learned so many things from it and gained such a better understanding of the divine role of our savior Jesus Christ. I think the biggest thing I took away from it is that I realized just how important it is to have an eternal perspective of Jesus Christ. What he did while he was on the earth here does not have near as much importance or significance if we don't have a correct understanding of the role he played in the premortal life, the fact that He lives and is still leading His church now, and the role he plays in the life to come. He is an eternal and celestial being who's sole purpose is to help us gain eternal life and immortality. He is the Lord of all, but yet He knows us so personally.

- So since nothing too big happened this week I will just give a lil update on some of the choice people we are teaching.
- So Ruby is the mom of that miracle family we found a while back with the three girls. Did I ever tell you how old she is? Yeah she's 21. And has 3 kids. So we couldn't see her for a few weeks because they had a really bad infection going on in their family so were on quarantine but a few days ago we were able to have contact again. And she had some news for us....SHES PREGNANT AGAIN. She's 21 and going to have 4 kids! Im 20 and can barely keep myself from having 4 bowls of cereal a day. She's kind of stressign about it though but trying to put a smile on and be happy. She says that we really help her see god's hand in her life and see hope. We were able to set another baptismal date with her and were really thinking she would come to church this week but then didnt:( So this week we are going to try and see where she's at to see if we should keep teaching her or not. We've got some members coming with us too so hopefully that will help her come to church even more.
- Axel, 17 from honduras, so we hadn't seen him in a few weeks which is why i haven't talked to him very much. We ran into him a few days ago though, read with him in the book of mormon and gave him the story of ammon to read and when we went back this week he had read all of it and reading that story got that spark going in him again so we might start teaching him again. A ver.

- We have this other investigator named Omar who is a referral from is girlfriend who is a member in mexico. He's so cool! He has never learned anything about god, seen a bible, or ever prayed. Teaching him about prayer and hearing him pray for the first time was a cool experience. He reads the BOM and prays every day, something he has never done before and he just keeps telling us that he knows this must be true because he knows he would have stopped wanting to meet with us and to read that book by now if it wasn't. He even has a baptismal date! I haven't talked about him much though because he has been trying to get work off for sundays but hasn't been able to yet. Pray for him that he will he's still trying!

- And then there's mariano and marina. They are so great. They are progressing really well too and read and pray every day together. They came to church this sunday and we were able to work really well with the members to make them feel welcome. I think they liked it a lot. It's pretty cool, all I have to do to help investigators make friends in the branch is just pull a member aside and be like hey! Shes from argentina, your from argentina, Hes from mexico , your from mexico- be friends! and it works like a charm. The branch here is great I love them so much. We are teaching mariano and marina the law of chastity today though, we are fasting right now that it goes well and that we have the spirit super strong with us because they arent married. But thats no biggy for God haha. We are excited for them. Welp thats basically whats happening here, hope all is well there.
Hermana Va

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