Monday, July 6, 2015

Srasota Zone or Soak Zona

So I know as missionaries we aren't supposed to be swimming but here in the sarasota zone, we still pretty much spend all of our days soaking wet. Granted it is either in our own sweat or because of a random thunderstorm but I mean it's as close as I'm going to be able to get to jumping into a pool on my mission. Florida has this amazing talent though of being able to drench you in sweat by just pure existing outside, or drench you in rainwater in under 30 seconds when a few minutes earlier the sky was clear. Go Florida.

-So I forgot to tell a funny tracting story last week. I call this my knock knock section. I'll tell two... so one day we we knocked this door and we can hear this old black lady behind it saying "hayyloooo??? haylooo??" then rattling on her side of the door as she tries to get it open. She's like "ahm so sorry ah cahnt get out ah lost my keys!!!" she then continues trying to open the door and then gives up. hahah it was so sad! We probably should have called someone...this poor old lady thinks she is locked inside her house!

-another day we we knocked on this door and there were a bunch of kids home. instead of opening the door they proceeded to knock on their side of the door. so what do i do? I knock back. then they knocked back. then we started getting a rhythm going and it was just me and these kids behind this door having a drum contest on this random street haha it was great.

-Anthony's confirmation this sunday went well! we asked him who he wanted to confirm him and he was like " thomas...el profeta. Thomas S Monson" in all seriousness. I had to break it to him and say alright, we'll try but in case he can't come you gotta have a back up. So he chose the stake patriarch as his second choice haha not bad not bad. He doesn't mess around. Speaking of the patriarch, so he is mexican and married to a columbian lady and are in our branch. they are so cool. they took phillips and I out to dinner to this columbian restaurant where during dinner he proceeded to basically tell us the entire story of the old testament, the 10 tribes, the book of mormon, doctrine and covenants with a little bit of pearl of great price and made their stories all fit together in a way so simple that a little kid could understand. I felt like I was watching all of those living scripture videos we used to watch evrery sunday in my head it was amazing.  

-So this week was pretty hard for me for some reason. I think it's because summer is starting and im smelling bbqs as im passing by, people jumping in our apartment pool as we go out to work, people loading cars up to go to the beach. Satan was working pretty hard on me. We knocked like 60 doors on friday night and I just kept having the thought...what are you doing here? why are you even doing this? Don't you know youre 20 years old and could be doing so many other things? The next day, saturday, we spent all day finding as well with only one of our appointments not falling through. It was at 8 at night with a couple who were some referrals who we were about to give up on because we hadn't been able to contact them but by miracle earlier in the week, we were finally able to meet the wife and set up an appointment with them. So we got there after a long day of being outside in the sun and we started talking to them and one of the first things this man, Mario, asked me was "Digame, porque esta aqui?" tell me, why are you here? I felt like it was heavenly father talking directly to me. I sat there and thought for a minute. In that minute I was reminded of the many answers to prayer I have gotten that I needed to go on a mission. Of how much knowledge and being a member of this church has blessed me and my family and I was able to answer him clearly and directly and bear my testimony of why I was here. God knew I needed that reminder that day. He works through other people to help us a lot, and also helps us to realize that a lot of times we have the answers to our own questions. I have learned a lot about how happiness is a choice. We can choose to have joy or we can choose to deny it. It's all about appreciating and cherishing those little things. Like singing hymns in spanish under someone's carport when you get stuck in the rain, kneeling in prayer in someone's home to ask if this message is true, hearing an investigator say that thier girlfriend has already seen a difference in him since they started praying together a week ago. Lil things like that that happened this week made me happy and reminded me why I'm out here gettin soaked all the time! love you all!!! have a great week!!
love hermana baugh

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