Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We can't all be awkward

Well me and Hermana Phillips have officially been together for a whole transfer now! Good news, both of us are staying in Sarasota but that wasn't too surprising. We found out though that Hermana Paulsen is getting transferred  and Hermana Gibson will be training a new Hermana in Cortez! We are pretty sad that our club of Hermanas is going to be broken up since Hermana Paulsen is probably going English speaking...but excited because we will be getting a new Hermana! haha i feel like the Hermanas are just like one big family, or I guess not really a big family because there are only four, soon to be five of us. More of like our own species I guess. We are no longer on mandatory bike though! But we still have been using our bikes as much as possible. the only time we used it this week was to go to district meeting in Bradenton and to church on Sunday. Man I can't tell you how nice it was to not have to ride 8 miles to make it to 9 am church. But we were able to meet so many cool people this week while we've been out and about! We found 12 new investigators!!! It was incredible! This week in district meeting we did a training on praying to recognize our spiritual talents that God has given us, and then using and relying on those when we contact people.We also did more training on how to contact people in a more casual and less demanding way. Haha me and hermana phillips have had a lot of practice contacting people this week. I discovered that one of my gifts is the gift of awkwardness. Man I try so hard to just make natural conversation with people on the street.....
--two ladies are walking toward us, one is wearing exercise clothes and the other was totally wearing scrubs. Me:" Oh...hi...is there a hospital around here?" Lady gives me a concerned look..."Oh sorry I mean... youre wearing scrubs right?... So do you work at a hospital?" she was like no? What do you want from me? There is no hospital around here...bah bah now. haha they were like her pajamas or something.
-So I have this list of all the countries that speak Spanish and it is my goal to meet someone from everyone of them. The only ones I had left were Bolivia and Uruguay. I met someone in the street this week and about flipped out when she said she was from Bolivia haha I think she thought I was crazy because she didn't really want to talk to us after that. But anyways...I'm searching for my Uruguayan now so wish me luck that I won't scare them away so bad.
- We were blessed with a lot of success this week though so don't worry they weren't all awkward contacts. One really cool miracle we had was how we found William. So william lives in Celfia's street that I've told you about. We have taught so many people in that little circle and everyone knows who the hermanas are. When we go there, I have a little fan club of girls that run up to me and beg me for stickers in spanish and it's adorable haha I love it. But anyways, so we had just finished teaching our 16 year old investigator Axel from honduras there (I'll tell you more about him in a minute) and this guy named william (from Guatemala) comes up to us and says hey you know I always see you over here, first at that lady's house  (celfias) and now at his (Axels)... I just felt like I finally needed to talk to you. I want to learn more about God and the Bible too. He is pretty golden! We taught him once and he came to church on sunday with Axel and loved it! We haven't been able to teach him very much though but we are excited to see if this goes anywhere.
-Axel is an incredible kid though. He is living here with his little sister and step dad, but his mom was deported back to honduras and he doesn't really get to talk to or see her right now. He has an incredible testimony and desire to learn and loves the book of mormon. He has come to church the last 2 weeks and everytime we teach him he is just so amazed about what he is learning. it is really neat to see how things that I have just known and taken for granted my whole life can mean so much to someone who has been missing that. We have started teaching him about the commandments and he has said so many times...wow I can't wait to be baptized. He didn't know anything about how repentance works and I felt inspired to show him this video on gospel library called a change of heart. It is about a kid in honduras that used to be in gangs and do drugs but found the church and was totally abel to change. When it started, Axel suddenly was like no way... I know him. I know him. He lived in my city and I knew what gang he was in and everything. It was a super cool experience and know that was the spirit that prompted me to share that.
- Other quick random thing....please everyone pray that we will find a family of 5  from mexico or guatemala that has 3 girls this week. I tell you more next week! Love you! Have a great week!!!

love Hermana Baugh

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