Monday, February 23, 2015

Just Another Day in Paradise: The Miracles of Fasting

Alright sooo we spent a long time waiting in line to eat at this amish restaurant today so I have like no time now! Its my newly acquired dream to start teaching an amish person so we were working on that today and lost track of time. I'll try to muster up an email worth reading though real quick so buckle up.

-Highlights of the week: I made my first tortilla. I was told that I don't sound like a gringa. My companion got sick this week and I had to go out on splits with a member all by myself in a new area and survived and it actually went really well. I met a man from Panama and a family from Belize so I think that means Ive met someone from pretty much every Central and South American country. I spoke in church on Sunday. I got roses on Valentines day ( from a girl, no worries). And last but not least : I HELD A TREE FROG.

- So pretty recently Ive had a few miracle experiences with fasting. Yeah I know right who knew that not eating for two meals and praying even more than we usually pray could be so great? Well I'm here to tell you that it really is and that if you haven't tried it, its about time you do. So the Sunday before I left Bradenton, Hermana Gibson and I decided we were going to fast to have just one baptism the next transfer in the Cortez Spanish branch, it was like our final umpf as a companionship and after working so hard together the past transfer. That Sunday, an old investigator named Maria came to church randomly with her member friend. I was so happy to see her again! Me and Hermana Newbill had taught her for a while but had to stop teaching her about when Hermana Gibson came because she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon or coming to church. But we were able to set up an appointment with her and saw her on Wednesday, the day before I left Bradenton and it was the most amazing lesson ever. She basically ran up to us saying she had just felt the spirit so strong during the testimony meeting in the church and knew that she wanted to be baptized now. She was just like tell me! tell me what I have to do so I can get baptized!! We were able to set a baptismal date with her for the 21 of February and made plans to see her every day until then. It was such a huge miracle! Hermana Gibson and I were almost in tears as we were sitting in the car after thinking about what had just happened. And the great part about being in the same district as the Cortez sisters is I get to hear how all my old investigators are doing every week and Maria has been doing so great and is getting baptized next Saturday and I get to go!! I'm so excited!! We really can do all that we can as missionaries, but it is always God that does the preparing. He works on the hearts of His children, and us as missionaries are just there to do the final part and help them make that last step.

- other fasting experience... So when I got to Sarasota we had basically no investigators. But after a week of working non stop we have like 8 now! haha its pretty funny too because basically all of them are from Honduras! So I'm learning a lot about that country right now. But the other day we fasted together to be able to set a baptismal date with one of them and the lesson after we finished our fast, we had a really great lesson with an investigator named Celfia (Celfia...not Selfie I know, I made that mistake before) and she wants to get baptized the 28 of february. Celfia is an amazing women, I look up to her so much. She came to church for the first time the week that I got here and ever since I first talked to her that day in church Ive just had this instant love for her. She is a mother of three and came to america a few months ago from Honduras and recently suffered a hard divorce. She has to work a lot and is always so tired but always loves to see us and loves reading the Book of Mormon. I'm so excited to keep seeing the blessings this gospel is bringing to her in her life.

- Welp thats about all for this week folks!! Hope everyone had a great valentines day and will have a great week!! Love you!!!!


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