Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Uno, Dos, Tres---Cenas!!

Hey everyone! Well I only have like less than 30 min to write this since we had Pday on thanksgiving so this is gonna be short and sweet. Thanksgiving was awesome!  We exercised in the morning, then rode our bikes like 8 miles to this turkey trot race in Bradenton but we got there after it started so we just passed out cards to everyone. Then we had to hurry back and go to district meeting. After district meeting we did stuff around the apartment until 2 when we went to our first thanksgiving! We ate with the Sedillos...I tried to pace myself because I knew we had 2 more dinners to eat but there was just so much food I didn't know what to do with myself. There was turkey and corn tortillas and pápas and tortas and everything in between. Then we went over to Cleopatras at 4 and had like pretty much the same thing all over again. They are from Ecuador so there was a little variation. For desert we had this flan and cake thing ( I call it flake) and it's pretty much my favorite dessert now. Then we went home and I took a 30 minute nap which just felt really weird and like I wasn't on a mission and just made me 10 times more tired so no more naps for me haha. Then at 8 we left to go eat at the Partidas even though I really didn't want to since I already felt like I was gonna die I was so full hahaha but I endured to the end and managed to eat just a little bit more to satisfy the Partidas. Roberto came to the Partidas too! Something I started doing 2 weeks ago is taking some time to say one prayer every day and only say things I'm thankful for. It has really helped me recognize the blessings I have and the hands of the Lord in my life so much more. I studied the talk by Elder Uchtdorf last week " grateful in any circumstance" and everyone should read over that talk again it's amazing. Something that stood out to me at the end was that he said "gratitude is a catalyst to all other Christlike attributes." And it really is when you think about it, when we are grateful and actively searching for and recognizing the blessings in our life we will have more charity, humility, knowledge, patience, faith, hope and every other good thing that Christ is. Take some time to offer a prayer of gratitude every now and then and I can promise you la bendecirá su vida!

- Big miracle of the week. We have been teaching a 13 yr old girl named Adriana since before I got here and she hasn't been able to get baptized because her dad didn't give her permission. We've been praying a lot for her and that her dads heart would be softened because she wants to be baptized so bad and I now how much this decision can bless her life. On Friday we taught her about Ester and Abish and about courage and relying on the Lord. After the lesson she decided to go talk to her dad again and we were able to talk to him. She told her dad that she wanted to get baptized so that she could be forgiven of the things she has done and have a new start. She said she knows this will help her make better decisions in her life and will make Heavenly Father happy. Adriana is only 13 but it was amazing to me how much she knows. Her dads heart was touched by this and he said that if this is truly what she wants and believes in, she can be baptized!! I felt like running and skipping around but I kept my cool haha. Barely. We are planning on having her baptism the 13 of December so keep her in your prayers:) well I don't have any more time today but I will talk to y'all's next week! I love you so much! Que les vaya bien!

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