Friday, September 19, 2014

Miracles on the mission!

 Me and Hermana Newbill enjoying our favorite corn on the cob

So this was just another week full of lots of Milagros, espanol, y saduro so I'll just give you guys some if the highlights of my week- experience number one: we were running kind of late for an appointment but we had to stop by the church really quick to pick something up for the elders in our district. We walked into the family history center and walked by the door to the computer room and the phone started ringing. So we unlocked it and answered it and turns out it was this lady from virginia who's non member daughter had just moved to Bradenton and she wanted to find someone to give her daughter a ride to church and to teach her about it. We were like hey what do you know that's kind of exactly what we gave up our lives to do for 18 months so I mean we can help you with that! We ended up going over to her daughters house that night and they live in a really African American neighborhood. Like seriously every single person was African American haha and man they were giving us looks. But she answered the door and we had a really good lesson about the restoration with her and her three kids! And all of them came to church and loved it! We couldn't get over how amazing it was that we happened to be in the church at the same exact moment that this lady's mom called. And what's even weirder is that she called the family history center room, pretty much the only room that we have a key to open! I know God is preparing people to hear about the restored gospel and receive it's blessings and if we as missionaries are doing everything we can to be obedient and hard working, we will be able to find them.- 

There was another day this week where we were on bikes and I had worn the wrong skirt and it kept getting stuck in my wheel ever 5 minutes and something was wrong with my seat and it wouldn't stay up haha so there was that to deal with too and the first two people we biked out to see weren't at their houses soo to say the least I was not in the best of moods. But then we decided to go and visit this referral that we'd received for a friend that was in the hospital who had just miscarried their baby of 5 months. It took us forever to bike there and then actually finding her room was a whole other story. But when we finally got there and walked in this lady was so happy to see us. Like her face just lit up. She said I never get visitors, please stay! We didn't have much time but we did get to show her Because of Him ( again I command you to watch it if you haven't already) and talk a little about the plan of salvation and testified to her that Christ not only suffered for our sins, but had felt all of our sorrow and that she's not alone. We testified that she would see her baby again...and at this point she just broke down crying and I got pretty close but I was like nope I'm not gonna do this I'm not gonna do this. We asked her if we could come back and visit her again and she said yes come every day if you can! I walked out of that hospital room with a completely different attitude. Like I can't even describe it...I just felt so genuinely happy. Like all I wanted to do was just to go to every single room in the that building and tell them that they have a Heavenly Father that loves them. A Savior who has felt every single pain and sorrow that they have and knows us and how to comfort us completely. That God really does have a plan for us. That we really can live in a state of never ending happiness with our families. I've kind if been asking myself why we need to do missionary work. I'd ask myself...why do we need to share the gospel if everyone is just going to have the opportunity to accept it after they die too? Why don't we just burn everything and do baptisms for the dead? Haha I mean yeah this would be the easy way, but God wants us to have the opportunity now. There are people who are suffering from guilt, from losing loved ones, from depression and hopelessness and loneliness. Yeah everyone's going to find out eventually that this really is the true church and that this stuff is real, but God doesn't want to make his children wait for happiness. He didn't send us here to torture us...we came here to learn and to grow and to have joy. That's why he sent his son to atone for us. So that we can get back up on our feet and be happy. And that's why we need to share the gospel now because people need it now. Alright enough of the monologue where was I... - 

So I've talked a lot about Gino, the guy with the drinking problem who asked us to help him " change his life" and he's been making so many improvements. He hasn't drank in almost two weeks and has come to church every Sunday since we started teaching him and reads in the BoM every day! We've been praying to find him a good fellowshipper and member to come to lessons with us and I wanted to try and find someone who had had a problem with alcohol In the past. But the only one who is usually able to come is Hermano calvillo who's in the presidency and is always really busy so we feel bad asking him to come all the time. But he says he loves coming and helping us... He says he loves feeling the spirit and seeing people change. But anyways so we were having a lesson about the plan of salvation and Hermano calvillo shared like his life story about how he used to be an alcoholic but met his wife who was a member and wanted to change. He got baptized 2 years after they got married and it changed his life and he's never been happier. I'm butchering the story and can't really convey in words how strong the spirit was while he was bearing his testimony but yeah Gino was really moved by his story. And they like love each other now. Like every lesson we have they just stay after and talk for a long time or go to dinner and it's so cool I feel like we gave birth to this friendship. Working with members really is the way to do missionary work though. Like I'm serious everyone at home needs to go find their missionaries and tell them you want to help and to come to lessons because if really makes a huge difference. Not helping the missionaries and going to lessons before my mission is now one of my biggest regrets. - alright last thing: Spanish update. I CAN ROLL MY Rs NOW PEOPLE I CAN ROLL MY Rs. Anyone who knows me knows that this is probably like the biggest miracle of the week. I'm not very good at it but it's there. Haha i just randomly tried to say the word jarro (pitcher) and it just happened! We were walking through a park and I started yelling and jumping around I was so excited haha. It was like a baby saying their first word. But alright so that's about it for this week:) Paz y bendiciones to you all, love and miss you! Go and teach a lesson with your missionaries this week!!

Love Hermana baugh

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