Monday, August 18, 2014

One month down

Hermana Baugh and her entire CCM Zone

So I don't really know what happened or where the times gone but word on the street is that I guess
we've been here for a month? Not sure how that happened.

   I'd just like to make a formal apology for my malo grammar...just try to imagine writing in English with the voice of a little Mexican man shouting Spanish words in your head and thats how I feel. More and more often I find myself writing some strange word caught between  Spanish and English that doesn't make sense in either language. Oh also just remembered, this week I asked what the longest spanish word was and here it is:
Supposedly its the fear of weirdness, irony and words having the same gender so yeah if youre ever feeling down this week just think of this word and be grateful that you don't suffer from it.

So big news of the week... my comp and I were called to be the zone sister trainers...yayyyyyy. Haha I had a feeling that was going to happen because after our first day here, we mutally agreed that we would hate to have that responsibility- making sure all the girls rooms are clean , interviewing each of the hermanas and listening to all the problems they might be having and give them comfort... sorry Im sounding really negative about all this but it just isnt me haha or my companion. But anyways so the sister trainers that we had had previously left this week so all the girls have just been waiting to see who the next ones would be and we made it to sacrament meeting this Sunday without being called and were so relieved. We thought that since there was only like 5 minutes till the meeting started we were for sure safe buuuut we spoke too soon because literally right after I said that   Presidente Gomez  pulled us aside and asked if we would be the new ones haha. Its going to be good for us though.. and I know that thinking about others besides myself is exactly what I need to do because Ive just been so focused on how I could better myself here. I need to look past myself more so hopefully this service will help with that.

Fast Sunday was really good though. It was also the longest Ive ever fasted I think too. And to be honest i was actually never really hungry (which kind of concerned me a little because I kept thinking ok why am I even eating). But anyway Ive been thinking a lot about how I can become a better teacher and everytime I ask that I think- "you just need to teach how Christ did". So Sunday morning I read the chapter in Preach my Gospel about developing Christlike attributes and the section on charity and love really stood out to me. The more I studied the scriptures about ti the more it came to me- THIS is the way Christ taught, and This is the way that I need to teach and live me life in general. Everything that Christ did ws out of pure love for us and if I could ffeel even a fraction of the love that Christ has for all of us- nothing else would matter. Every fiber of my being would want to serve others every second I could and this is the kind of attitude I need when I go out into the real world in 2 weeks. Of course then I got called as sister trainer in sacrament meeting shortly after Id been studying this, bore my testimony about how we need to teach with Christlike love, then the presidente announced the topic for next weeks talk would be on service so yeah I got a big slap in the face that day!

The other thing I learned this week is the importance of using our time wisely and exact obedience. Here at the CCM weve gotten used to really living on the edge... we get in trouble for studying outside because were not at desks so we take our desks outside to study. When we have a little extra time we take walks to go "touch the butt" (the wall). Well leave class early for gym to make sure we get the good volleyball courts. And sometimes if im feeling a little extra adventurous.....I stay up late writing in my journal (yes my life has come to this). Yeah I know things like this arent bad at all but my teacher shared something that really struck me one day. She shared the scripture "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say but when ye do not what I say ye have no promise". She said that if we were doing EVERYTHING the Lord had asked us to do, we would have the ability to ask God anything- that we would be able to learn this language. It struck me then that I dind tthink Id be able to that-- to demand that God help me because Id done everything I could do. Dont get me wrong I try really hard and Im good... Theres just always some way I can do better. So these last 2 weeks that Im here my comp and I decided that we are going to be devoted  to using every second of it and to follow the schedule more exactly. Hopefully if we do this God will feel more compelled to help us a little more.

I still cant believe that 4 weeks have passed by in this little bubble of mine. Hope the world has been good to you guys out there! Love you all and hope you have a good week!

Hermana Baugh

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